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Working with Pygame Subset for Android - part 1

If you want to using pygame with android the you need to deal with PGS4A.

You can read the steps from the website but also you can see this tutorial with one example.

I use the python pygame script from here.

I don't add anything to the script and it's working very well on my tablet.

Many users told us to use something like that:

import android

I don't use this just the python script from my example.

First after you download and unrchive the PGS4A - Pygame Subset for Android go to in folder and will see this files:

usertest@home:~/pgs4a-0.9.6$ ls  blacklist.txt       doc               private         src
assets      buildlib            libs              python-install  templates
bin  res             whitelist.txt

Now you need to test it if is working well...

usertest@home:~/pgs4a-0.9.6$ ./ test

All systems go!

... and install the android SDK.You will need to give all answers is need it.

usertest@home:~/pgs4a-0.9.6$ ./ installsdk

I'm compiling a short test program, to see if you have a working JDK
on your system.

The JDK is present and working. Good!

I'm downloading Apache Ant. This might take a while.

I'm extracting Apache Ant.

I've finished unpacking Apache Ant.

Opening in a web browser.

Do you accept the Android SDK Terms and Conditions?
yes/no> yes

I'm downloading the Android SDK. This might take a while.

Created new window in existing browser session.

I'm extracting the Android SDK.

I've finished unpacking the Android SDK.

I'm about to download and install the required Android packages. This
might take a while.

Refresh Sources:
  Validate XML
  Parse XML
  Fetched Add-ons List successfully
  Refresh Sources
  Fetching URL:
  Validate XML:
    Starting ADB server succeeded.
  Done. 5 packages installed.

I'm updating the library packages.

No project name specified, using project folder name 'library'.
If you wish to change it, edit the first line of build.xml.
Added file android-sdk/extras/google/play_licensing/library/build.xml
Added file android-sdk/extras/google/play_licensing/library/proguard-project.txt
No project name specified, using project folder name 'downloader_library'.
If you wish to change it, edit the first line of build.xml.
Added file android-sdk/extras/google/play_apk_expansion/downloader_library/build.xml
Added file android-sdk/extras/google/play_apk_expansion/downloader_library/proguard-project.txt

I've finished installing the required Android packages.

I can create an application signing key for you. Signing an
application with this key allows it to be placed in the Android Market
and other app stores.

Do you want to create a key?
yes/no> yes

I will create the key in the android.keystore file.

You need to back this file up. If you lose it, you will not be able to
upgrade your application.

You also need to keep the key safe. If evil people get this file, they
could make fake versions of your application, and potentially steal
your users' data.

Will you make a backup of android.keystore, and keep it in a safe
yes/no> yes

Please enter your name or the name of your organization.

I've finished creating android.keystore. Please back it up, and keep
it in a safe place.

It looks like you're ready to start packaging games.

After that let's see the files we have it...

usertest@home:~/pgs4a-0.9.6$ ls
android.keystore             bin                             blacklist.txt          private
android-sdk                  buildlib               python-install
android-sdk_r20-linux.tgz     res
apache-ant                   doc                    src
apache-ant-1.8.4-bin.tar.gz  libpeerconnection.log  templates
assets                       libs                   whitelist.txt

My pygame script is locate in : ~/Dropbox/AndroidApp/pygame-android/test001.

How I make the android application ? First I configure the application. You need to give all answers when use configure args...

usertest@home:~/pgs4a-0.9.6/bin$ ./ configure ~/Dropbox/AndroidApp/pygame-android/test001

... next I build it. If you use : install then will expect the emulator or device to install it. I don't use install , just release.

usertest@home:~/pgs4a-0.9.6/bin$ ./ build ~/Dropbox/AndroidApp/pygame-android/test001 release

After that will see in the bin folder your android pygame application.

usertest@home:~/pgs4a-0.9.6/bin$ ls
AndroidManifest.xml    classes.dex.d  test001-1.ap_.d
AndroidManifest.xml.d  jarlist.cache  test001-1-release.apk
build.prop             proguard.txt   test001-1-release-unaligned.apk
classes                res            test001-1-release-unsigned.apk
classes.dex            test001-1.ap_  test001-1-release-unsigned.apk.d

Let's see how is working...

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sameer bolke spunea...

hey thanks...
but i am getting error in using fonts
the font dont work on andriod the app just crashes if i use fonts
can u tell me a way to add fonts in andriod?

tom arnall spunea...

thanks very much for this. i was able to setup the environment VERY easily thanks to you.

however, i can't get yr test app to run. when i select the icon for the app, junk appears on the screen for a spit second, then adroid returns to the home screen.

thanks again for yr service to the pygame community

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